Nature Reconsidered 2022 Judged Art Competition and Exhibit and

Trail Photography Competition and Exhibit 2022

Exhibits run September 21 – November 4, 2022

Hosted by
Kings Mountain Gateway Trail and Southern Arts Society, Inc.

Nature Reconsidered is an art exhibition and competition sponsored by Southern Arts Society that aims to explore the ever-changing relationship between humans and nature. Artists were asked to create work that references, investigates, challenges, and/or celebrates our relationship with the natural world. There is a wide variety of media featured in the show – painting (oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel), drawing, glass, photography and mixed media. 37 artists from around the region entered 77 pieces of work for this year’s exhibit. While the majority of entries reflect the beauty of our natural world, there are several that play on the impact or interference of man with our environment.
The Trail photography competition is sponsored by the Kings Mountain Gateway Trail and Southern Arts Society. This exhibit features photos taken on the Gateway Trail over the past two years. The butterfly garden at the top of the Gateway Trail continues to be a prime spot for great photos. Much of the trail is surrounded by trees which requires photographers to be patient and search out interesting flora and fauna to capture on film. There are 19 entries by 9 photographers in the Trail Photography competition.

About the Judge

Judge is Shelley Ellis, Adjunct Faculty at UNC Charlotte. Miss Ellis specializes in Ceramics and teaches Foundations classes.

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