Winners Announced for A Fresh Look 2022 Art Competition and Exhibit

On view June 15 – July 29, 2022

Winners of this year’s A Fresh Look competition were judged by Myles Calvert, Winthrop University

Judge’s overall comments:

A strong showing of works on paper, with a welcome yet surprising resurgence of colored pencil and experimental techniques used throughout the exhibition. The majority of the works are quite small, lending themselves to close up viewings and scrutiny of the details, gestural marks, and finishing touches. Most of these works are tight and I can’t help but wonder what these artists would do given an increase in scale with their chosen medium. For works needing to be framed (prints, photographs, etc.), smart choices have been made to allow for a contemporary finish, a formal approach, or wild abandon, to match the artists’ specific ideas. A diverse showing of mediums and concepts made for challenging decisions with this exhibition. Thank you to all that contributed and congratulations to the award winners.

Winners for A Fresh Look 2022

First Place

Todd Baxter with his first place winning artwork at Southern Arts Society reception.

Todd Baxter, #26, PJ’s and Puppets, colored pencil

“A mastery of material control, color theory, and patience… a profession approach to everyday subject matter that is often overlooked, quickly viewed, or captured for a social media / digital platform. I was specifically drawn to the simple effect (difficult to execute) that suggest focal range between the face and softer approach to the paper bag puppet. The artist directs us to the most important area in the composition – the joyful smile.”


 Second Place

Anne Cowie's (not pictured) second place winning artwork at Southern Arts Society reception.

Anne Cowie, #42, Rapt Rock, graphite

“Gestural marks that allow for the material to respond, and not be forced into a direction or form. Decision regarding composition appear reactive, opposed to planned, which loosens any constrains when viewing a recognizable object. The artist hints towards shapes but allows open areas for the viewer’s mind to continue and rework beyond the frames edge. Considered decisions when framing the work should also be noted as it neither distracts or makes a statement.”


 Third Place

Lori McAdams and her third place winning artwork at Southern Arts Society reception.

Lori McAdams, #31, Princess Phone, colored pencil, ink, watercolor

“An excellent example of how everyday objects resonate through memory, history, and art movements. Objects become iconic based on design and will continue to inspire trends of the future. An excellent handle and use of color, with a playful approach to a split composition. Excitement is in the details and ornate specifics, which are rendered tightly, allowing for a delightful viewing experience up close and from across the room.”


Merit Award

James Norman and his merit award winning artwork at Southern Arts Society reception.

James L. Norman, #65, Yarn & Roses, oil on canvas panel


Merit Award

Rosie Little's (not pictured) merit award winning artwork at Southern Arts Society reception

Rose Mary Little, #5, Looking at You Kid, oil on canvas


Merit Award

Ellen Devenny and her merit award winning photography at Southern Arts Society reception.

Ellen Devenny #37, Grayson Highlands, photography