Introduction or Refresher into Watercolor Painting (An Interactive Workshop) with Ron Shepard

  • Date: Saturday, February 12, 2022
  • Location: Southern Arts Society
  • Time: 10 am – 1 pm
  • Cost: $35. Members; $40. Non-Members
  • Supplies: Paper: please bring at least 5 (9×12) sheets of watercolor paper (Strathmore or Arches)
    Paints: different hues of 3 reds, 3 blues, and 3 yellows, and a black
    Brushes: what you have or #4, #8, and #10 (not so critical at this point)
    (f you lack paints or brushes, SASi has some to share, but please
    bring your own paper)
  • Description: What you will learn for important skills:
    How to read a paint tube (to avoid making mud and to purchase a different brand with same paint ingredients)
    Teacher will show the different brushes to use in watercolor
    Important to non-important (something you might get down the road)
    Paper types Pulp vs Cotton, CP, HP, and Rough 160# vs 300# papers
    Mix paint on palette vs mixing paint on paper
    Simple understanding of the Color Wheel
    Avoind muddy paint when we don’t want them vs when we might want muddy paint colors …. and when dirty rinse water can work to our benefit
    Tube paint vs pan paints … the benefits and challenges
    To tape down paper or stretch or the benefit of 300# paper
    Ways to flatten out buckled paper by tapping or water
    Painting techniques will be practiced such as wet into dry, wet into wet, dry into dry, washes and glazes and the difference between watery, milky, and creamy consistency of paint and water and when to use them.
    Final: the 1,2, 3 of framing your painting for a gallery show vs for a friend
    We will play mixing colors, make different brush strokes, and painting a few simple watercolor paintings that will use the skills we learned mixing colors, brush strokes, etc..
  • Class info sheet: available for download here

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One-on-One Tutoring with Ron Shepard

Location: Southern Arts Society, Inc (SASi)
Date and Time: by arrangement with instructor

Southern Arts Society instructor Ron Shepard is offering individual art tutoring sessions. Ron teaches beginning to intermediate students in watercolor, acrylic and pastel.

To check his schedule and sign up, please email Ron at or call him at 704-964-4913.

  About Ron Shepard

Certified by the Moore Art School for Teaching Beginners

Ron is currently a Southern Arts Society (SASi) volunteer and teacher, and has also served in the office of president.

He has been retired from the world of Business since 2009, and is now involved with artistry. He is becoming fluent in the application of watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, and oil (his medium of choice.) Ron leads the Colored Pencil Group that meets at SASi and writes our blog series Colored Pencil for Beginners.

Ron’s professional art memberships and galleries include:

  • Gaston County Art Guild – Gastonia, NC
  • Gallery 27 – Lincolnton, NC
  • Gaston County Art Gallery – Gastonia
  • The Schiele Museum – Gastonia, Gallery 27
  • The Gaston County Public Library – Gastonia, NC

Contact Ron: