Abstract Techniques using liquid acrylic with Jeanne Hord

  • Dates: Saturday, January 11 and Saturday January 18, 2020
  • Time: 1 – 4 pm
  • Location: Southern Arts Society, Inc. (SASi) Kings Mountain
  • Age: 14 +
  • Skill level: all who want to learn about abstract art with liquid acrylic
  • Register: register early – call 704-739-5585 (limited size of class)
  • Cost: $10 per class.
  • Supplies provided:  puppy pad, Floetrol, white paint, mixing cups, mixing sticks, paper towels, gloves, push pins, distilled water, skewer, straw.
  • Supplies for students to bring: (not included in cost)
    – 4 small tubes or bottles of your favorite acrylic paint colors (FolkArt, DecoArt, AppleBarrel, ArtistLoft, Anita’s, LiquitexBasics, etc.
    – 2 canvases (8” x 10” or smaller)
    – Painting clothes and/or full apron
    – 2 Boxes or aluminum pan containers to carry your wet artwork home (each container should be about 2” X 2” larger than your canvas
  • Class description: This class will create abstract images using liquid acrylic paint. We will use techniques which vary with the use of different colored paints that are thinned with a medium. These will be deposited by various methods onto a canvas. These processes create one of a kind artwork. There isn’t one right way to achieve this. All the techniques are the result of artists experimenting. We will endeavor to free our preconceived ideas and watch, listen and maybe talk to the paint as we help it become our inspiration.