I Am Woman

Exhibit Dates: April 5 thru May 17

The annual I Am Woman art competition and exhibit is dedicated to womanhood or the essence of being a woman. Since 2004, Southern Arts Society has invited artists to express their interpretation of the feminine and compete for prizes. Over 60 works of art were entered in this year’s competition by artists from around the region. Art was presented in a variety of media – painting, photography, textile and mixed media.

Juror’s Statement

Mark Hamilton Professor of Fine Arts, Winthrop University:

I would like to thank Jewel Reavis and the Southern Arts Society for the honor and privilege of judging this exhibition of work. I AM WOMAN features a wonderful range of women of various ages in a variety of mediums. I was excited by the diversity of works in this exhibition each representing the different facets that make up the complexity of woman. While the techniques and use of media varied, each contribute to the experiences of the women in our daily lives. As an artist, I understand the range of emotions that we have making work, the courage to to display our work, and the desire that we have for people to give recognition to our efforts. We may also seek to understand why certain works receive recognition and others may not at the moment. Different jurors will select different works based upon their own personal taste and preferences. Sometimes we agree and other times we may not. Judging any exhibition is a difficult task and in the end we hope to make the best decision based upon a certain set of parameters. In making my selections for this show, I looked at the work in the gallery, took images home with me, looked, and looked again. My favorite quote about art making comes from the painter Robert Henri in the book The Art Spirit, “One of the things that interests people the least is technique, show them your deductions.” I selected works that brought me into a state of greater contemplation, that sought to transcend the ordinary. Thanks for opportunity to view your work and know that in the end each of us make art that is personally satisfying and that is a reward in itself.

Mark Emerson Hamilton

Awards with Juror’s comments

Artist Wil Bosbyshell with his drawing of a woman hold a large rock aloft

First Place $200:   Wil Bosbyshell  (53)  “Weight #8” graphite               

This work demonstrated strength in the execution of skill and technique and the woman who symbolically represents the inner-strength of all women. The boulder that she lifts over her is representative of the human struggle to be our true self. It reminds us to be strong and identify the obstacles we still need to overcome in our personal journey.

Artist Leah Day with her quilt front showing a Dream Goddess in red and gold.

Second Place $150:    Leah Day (62) “Dream Goddess”  art  quilt

A wonderful display of color first warms us from a distance and stirs up a range of feelings and emotions. As we get closer to this work we find all the small nuances of detail and life-force contained within the energetic lines of thread. In the center is the earth mother from whom all life flows and on the reverse side the majestic blue heavens.

Colored pencil drawing of Kassi by artist Todd Baxter

Third Place $75:   Todd Baxter  (7) “Kassi”  colored pencil

Daughter, mother, sister, friend, wife, lover, we do not know the relation of the subject to the artist, however, we recognize the range of emotions and glow of spirit that radiates from the women in our lives.

Artist Barbara O'Neal Davis with her watercolor portrait "Joyful"

Merit Award $50: Barbara O’Neal Davis (4) “Joyful” watercolor

Joyful is the feeling that one has when viewing this work. While the work is visual we hear the laugh and it warms our soul.

Merit Award $50: Deborah Winegar (27)The Good Mother” monoprint  

Her journey is our journey for without her we would not be here. She passes on her wisdom from generations to form the roots which shape others in our family tree.

Artist Lynn Schilling with watercolor of girl with red hair.

Merit Award $50: Lynn Schilling (24)Taking Note” watercolor            

Taking note is one work in the trilogy of woman represented by the artist in this exhibition of works. This young woman looks at the viewer and in her eyes we experience the anxiety of one getting ready to embark on the journey of life.